What happens behind the scenes of design studios?

What is design? Will it be expensive? Are these just pictures? Is the design a painting or a process? What is the difference between the picture from the Internet and a 3D visualization? Does it take a long time to get the design project?

The answers to these questions are as follows: it doesn’t take plenty of time, it’s not expensive and design is not just a picture. In order not to use even more “nos and don’ts”, we will dispel several myths about interior design.

When it comes to design, the majority of customers use the verb “to paint” but the process of creating the interior design can not be defined simply as “painting”.

By the time the customer receives a realistic picture with all the blueprints and furniture, the designer of such a conceptual visualization is working for days on ideas and materials needed to create your functional space. It all starts from the ceiling design to the smallest elements of decor.

To present the final design of your place in the form of a 3D picture, the designer takes into account all ergonomic standards, requirements for repairs, the characteristics of decorative materials and the customer’s wishes of course.3D visualization is only a part of the design project working process, inasmuch to create it the designer uses powerful computer graphics, using which he or she models the details of the interior, carefully selecting each and every material (e.g. wood, textiles, stone, decorative covering).
It is the designer who conjures over creating the cozy atmosphere by adjusting the proper lighting in the room. Each of these components is focused on creating maximum comfort for the customer.

Thus, the “painted” image becomes the future home.

However, the process still goes on. When the visualization is ready, the project engineer creates the technical part of the project – the layout, which is a key to successful design.Therefore, is it appropriate to limit such a work to a simple word “painting”?!

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