To unite a kitchen and living room or not to unite?

Living in a cramped space is contrary to human nature. First of all, it’s a discomfort, especially if we’re talking about a permanent residency. A perfect home is not just one filled with love and communication, it’s a spacious place, the integral part of which is a good lighting and fresh air.

What to do when the floor area of your place is just 10-15 square meters?

Nowadays the idea of replanning a typical apartment into a studio becomes a hype. There is for it helps families to be closer as they used to spend most of their leisure time together and it is more convenient for young parents to look after their children while they have to do some household chores. The studio apartment brings you comfort and gives you more freedom.

The above said solution creates new opportunities for people to invite guests or spend time with their relatives and friends felling peacefull and relaxed.

The disadvantage of such a planning is a possibility for the smells from the kitchen to be scented but these problems can be easily solved with buying a powerful cooker hood.

Now you know the pros and cons of uniting the kitchen and the living room. Thus, if you were looking for the great change and a cozy home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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