Rosewood pink

  • Location: Lutsk, "Club House", Ukraine
  • Area - 126 м2
  • Project development - 2020.

Interior design of a three-room apartment in a new building

Modern style interior design for a family of three

Our main task was to create a comfortable, cozy room with a competent combination of colors and interior elements, for a married couple.

All elements of the interior are united by a common geometry of lines, selection of materials, furniture, accent color, lack of decor, which are locked into one whole performance of the image, which embodies the style of minimalism.

The apartment consists of seven separate zones according to its functional purpose - kitchen for cooking, hallway, dressing room, shower, bathroom, living room, bedroom and children's room.

The main element of the apartment is the author's design of the bar, which zones the living room with kitchen.

From the left side of the entrance to the living room are large window glass frames, which provide a rational supply of natural light throughout the apartment.

The sitting area in the living room is equipped with armchairs with an additional table, a modular sofa, chests of drawers for storage.

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