To unite a kitchen and living room or not to unite?

Living in a cramped space is contrary to human nature. First of all, it’s a discomfort, especially if we’re talking about a permanent residency. A perfect home is not just one filled with love and communication, it’s a spacious place, the integral part of which is a good lighting and fresh air. What to do […]

What happens behind the scenes of design studios?

What is design? Will it be expensive? Are these just pictures? Is the design a painting or a process? What is the difference between the picture from the Internet and a 3D visualization? Does it take a long time to get the design project? The answers to these questions are as follows: it doesn’t take […]

Design project: extra costs or necessity?

That’s not unusual nowadays to hear words like these: “Why do I need a design project if I know what kind of interior I want?”.   This principle can be followed if you have already made repairs or helped your friends to organize all its stages onwards of the idea – down to the final implementation […]

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