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Khomik Sergey
Founder of design studio

Our team is part of a large studio mechanism, where everyone has their own roles.

More than 10 years of experience in design and a large number of successfully implemented projects provide an opportunity to better understand the client, his needs and preferences. Tasks of any format and challenges encountered during implementation, we consider as new opportunities ...


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New projects

The interior design

Antique pink
Quadrature: 126 m2
Location: Lutsk, "Club House", Ukraine

Interior design of a three-room apartment in a new building

Interior design in a contemporary style for a family of three ...


Modern architect
Quadrature: 212 m2
Location: Garadzha village, Volyn region, Ukraine

On the ground floor there are three functional areas: entrance, technical and spacious recreation area with an island in the middle and access to the terrace.

The building is designed in such a way that the main block of the bedroom and the bathroom with a free-standing bath have a view of the forest ...


We answer the questions that are asked most often!
We are talking about new architecture and interior design!

To unite a kitchen and living room or not to unite?

Living in a cramped space is contrary to human nature. First of all, it’s a discomfort, especially if we’re talking about a permanent residency. A perfect home is not just one filled with love and communication, it’s a spacious place, the integral part of which is a good lighting and fresh ...

What happens behind the scenes of design studios?

What is design? Will it be expensive? Are these just pictures? Is the design a painting or a process? What is the difference between the picture from the Internet and a 3D visualization? Does it take a long time to get the design project? The answers to these questions are as follows: it ...

Design project: extra costs or necessity?

That’s not unusual nowadays to hear words like these: "Why do I need a design project if I know what kind of interior I want?".   This principle can be followed if you have already made repairs or helped your friends to organize all its stages onwards of the idea – down to the final ...


"Хорошая компания, приемлемая цена, приятно коммуницировать, хороший результат, короткие сроки, в удобном виде проект."

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