About us

We are a team that creates and brings to life a new space every day. Each creator is part of a great mechanism of the studio, which has its function and clearly fulfills it. The experience of designing a design that is more than 10 years, and the presence in the team of all the necessary specialists helps quickly and correctly solve the issues and tasks that we meet in the project.

Every design we create, we bring to life, providing organization and copyright control of each stage of implementation.

With visualization and panoramic 3D walks, the customer has the opportunity to immerse himself in the future of the interior, evaluate the concept and make a decision.

With attention to every detail in the interior we approach the creation of the concept, we take into account all ergonomic requirements, because the customer entrusts us with his home, in which he should be comfortable and calm.

Each of our projects is unique, because it is a unique approach to each customer, because it is impossible to develop a certain algorithm of actions when working with preferences.

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